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Why you need a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

If you thought that “Hiring a wedding planner” was a “Yes” or “No” question, think again. There is a happy medium between hiring a full-service wedding planner who helps you plan and design your entire event or winging it on your own. That is hiring a day of wedding planner (coordinator).

Wedding planners have created part of the confusion by calling their help on the day of the wedding as “Day-Of Coordination” or “Day-of Services” or Day-Of Wedding Planning” – okay there are lots of names that all mean the same thing.

Once you forget about what it’s called and understand the value you’ll realize that the day of coordinator can be a lifesaver for couples who don’t have the budget to hire a full-service planner, couples who thought they could do it all themselves, and then realize the closer it gets to the wedding that they were wrong. Or couples who actually manage to plan it all alone and then wisely realize that they and their families would really like to just enjoy the wedding and reception without having to worry about all the hundreds of details that go into making their day “perfect”. They realize that their family and friends are “quests” too and want them to be able to relax and enjoy the wedding festivities not dread them.

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What exactly is a day-of wedding coordinator?

There actually is no such thing as a day of coordinator, we are more like month of coordinators but since our industry calls it day of coordination lets just call it that. Day of Coordination is just that. We coordinate the logistics of your wedding day making sure that everything you have planned for months to happen – does happen, and in the order you want it to happen, and at the time you want it to happen. From ensuring that flowers get pinned on grandma and all the bridal party, that the limo picks you up on time, to ensuring all your gifts get carried up to your designated room or location, and your goodies are all packed away at the end of the party. The day of coordinator’s job is to take care of it all without you or your family having to worry about a thing.

I strongly recommend that every couple planning their own wedding at least consider hiring a day of coordinator to be there the day of the actual wedding. Planning the entire wedding and reception without any help is stressful enough. Having peace of mind that your vision will be carried out is worth every penny.

What kinds of tasks are included?

Once you’ve got Perfect Events on board we will be the new point of contact for your vendors. We will introduce ourselves to them and review their contracts to understand exactly who is doing what and when. With this information in hand, we will create a day of wedding timeline, which will break down all the details regarding arrival times, setup and take down. Perfect Events will do a site visit with you at the wedding and reception locations and discuss all the details you have planned so that we are sure we are creating your vision. The day before the wedding we will coordinator your dress rehearsal and on your wedding day, we will run the show making sure everything runs smoothly. Often the day of coordinator ends up with a 15-hour day and we’re there to make sure that each hour of your wedding day is worry-free and stress-free for you and your family. If there are any questions from any staff or vendor the day of coordinator will handle them. She will only bother the bridal couple or their parents if the bride or groom or their family have requested that monetary decisions be made by them (should we break open another keg of beer, for example). Depending on the arrangements you’ve agreed upon with your day of coordinator, she will pack up all your personal items (grandma’s cake set, champagne flutes, rental items), distribute any vendor payments, and ensure the hotel has done up your bridal suite.

What kinds of tasks are not normally included?

This really depends on the agreement you have with us. We really want to do anything and everything we can to make the last moments of planning a breeze. If you hire us a month before the wedding and you still do not have all your plans completed, or all your vendors hired, we can do those for you as well but there will be an additional planning charge. If your coordinator is gracious enough not to charge for this additional work, then consider this when your tipping on the wedding night.

What is the greatest myth about day-of-wedding planners/coordinators?

That you don’t need one.

What if the bride and groom’s budget is really tight?

Contact Perfect Events and meet with us for a free consultation. Maybe there are things we can take away from our service offerings to help you out. Keep in mind that that may mean we won’t be able to call the limo driver who is running late or go pick up the groom’s shirt that he left at the hotel by mistake.

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