Wedding Planning & Consulting Services Des Moines

Not sure where to start? Not a problem. We’ve got you covered. You want your wedding or special event to be uniquely yours – a true reflection of your personality and style. Maybe you’ve already got a lot planned but you’re stuck on pulling it all together or just can’t find the perfect location that fits within your budget. We can help you do both. With Perfect Events, you are partnering with the very best event planner in the area. We are your creative director, designer, stylist, advisor, troubleshooter, budget and logistical expert, and producer of one of the most important celebrations of your life. A Wedding Planner’s responsibility is one that we don’t take lightly and we strive to be your trusted friend by the end of our engagement.

Perfect Events approach is very hands-on. It is a collaborative relationship where we listen to your dreams and then execute them to perfection. From helping you to select the venues that are perfect for your celebration, tracking your budget expenses, reviewing every vendor contract to make sure that all parties are clear on what is expected as well as negotiating better rates, and developing a detailed timeline, we manage the planning process from start to finish. Because we never forget whose event this is we work hard to make sure that you are always in the loop and that you are the ones making all the important decisions.

Want to do a lot of the planning yourself but on your special day you want to just enjoy yourself without all the hassle of getting everything setup, managing all the vendors, and all the hundreds of details plus handle taking it all down. Then take a look at our Day-Of-Coordination.

We offer a free no obligation consultation so send us a note or give us a call at (515) 254-1137 and we’ll set up an appointment at a time that works for you.