FAQ:  Why should we hire a wedding or event planner?

PE:  So, you and your family can just relax and enjoy this very special day without worrying about all the details. To know that your planner will ensure that everything runs smoothly and ensure that your vision comes to life. To take advantage of their industry knowledge and relationships to recommend the best venue and vendors that fit your budget and style.

FAQ:  When should I start to plan my wedding or special event and hire a coordinator?

PE:  Depending on your preferred date, the longer you can give your coordinator, the best chance you’ll have of booking the best venue and vendors. The really great ones get booked out up to two years in advance, but we have planned a great wedding in three weeks so contact us as soon as you can.

FAQ:  If hire you as our planner, will I have some control over my wedding or event?

PE:  Absolutely!  We will do as much as or as little as you want us to do during your wedding/event planning process. When we first meet you, you will find that we ask a lot of questions about you and your likes and dislikes. This is your special day, and our goal is to have you walk in and say “yes” this is exactly what I wanted.

FAQ:  I don’t live in Iowa but plan to get married there, can you still help with planning my wedding?

PE:  I can’t tell you how many clients we have that don’t live in Iowa. TONS of them. That’s when you can really use our services because you are not here to meet with the venue, the vendors, or find just the right décor.  We become your hands and feet and can help handle all the myriad of details. We meet with you on ZOOM on a regular basis to keep you up to date and find out any new details.

FAQ:  I am a vendor.  What are the benefits of working with you?

PE: I know my client and their style and budget. I am your biggest advocate and we both want the same thing, to have a happy customer who loves our work and wants to give us both a great review. I strive to work together as a team and will recommend your great work to future clients.

FAQ:  What makes you and your services different than other wedding/event planners?

PE:  We don’t just want to plan your wedding to be everything you want it to be, we also want to become your best friend, your source of information, your go to person for everything wedding related.  We want you to hire us for your future anniversary party, your future baby shower, your child’s first, second, and 16th birthday party.  We have one customer that just reminded us that she has used us for her wedding and every major event for 20 years now.

FAQ:  Should we hire you as soon as we get engaged or should we wait?

PE: We recommend that you hire us as soon as you get engaged so we can help with every wedding detail and ensure that you get the date you want as the best venues get booked really quickly and we do too. We can also help design and secure your decor, save the dates, and save you money by supplying lots of the rental items that every wedding needs without having to pay to buy something you’ll use once.

FAQ:  What kind of packages do you offer?

PE:  We have our Full-Service Planning & Design Package where we can help you avoid all the stress involved with planning by hiring a professional to organize every aspect of your wedding or special event.  If you have found your perfect venue and want to be more involved in the planning process, but still could use some help finding the best vendors or know the look you want but could use some assistance with how to create your design, then our Partial Planning & Design Package could be your best fit.  Our Day of Coordination Package is for the couple who has a vision for your dream wedding and have prepared all the details but really need someone who can coordinate with your vendors, the venue, and manage all the timing and details so that everything goes perfectly.  Our Event Design Package allows us to work with you to create a beautiful, custom design that suits your vision.  We can also customize packages to meet your specific needs.

FAQ:  What areas in Iowa do you support?

PE:  We have helped plan weddings and terrific events all over the state of Iowa but most of our weddings and events are in the Des Moines metro area.

FAQ:  What payment options do you accept?

PE:  We accept Venmo:  @Perfect-Events, Zelle:  515-210-2923, checks/cash, and debit/credit cards.

FAQ:  I hear a lot about Day of Wedding Coordination?  Can you explain more about what your Day Of consists of?

PE:  Sure.  I smiled when I read this question because we include so much more than most of our competitors when it comes to our Day Of that we created a three-page document outlining all the items we handle for you.  We start meeting with you three months prior to the wedding to gather information and details about any vendors you’ve hired, details about your décor and style, and when we can do a venue walk through together.  We use all this information to start creating your timeline, confirming times with vendors, and adding more details in future meetings with you.  Lots of things come up during these meetings that you might not even have thought of.  We also have lots of rental items that we can offer to save you money on wedding items that you won’t problem need again: flower girl baskets, cake or cupcake stands, ring bearer pillows, etc.  We want to be your hands and feet and know every detail so that nothing is left undone and your desires are carried out.

FAQ:  Are there other services you offer other than coordination?

PE:   We have tons of rental items that we can provide, or we know of which vendors have the item you are looking for.  We offer custom-built balloon arches and have lots of choices for centerpieces as well as creating custom pieces.  We try and be your one-stop shop for everything wedding or event related.

FAQ:  How do I book my wedding or event with you?

PE:  You can complete the contact form on our website, call us at 515-254-1137, or email us at planner@PerfectEventsIA.com.  We will schedule an in-person, Zoom, or phone call meeting to get all your details.

FAQ:  Our venue has a coordinator.  Do I still need a wedding coordinator?

PE:  The venue coordinators’ job is to set up the venue and manage the venue staff.  They are often not there for your entire event and can be managing other events going on at the same time in that venue.  They also will not handle setting up, or taking down, any of your personal setup items: linens, centerpieces, guest book, welcome signs, etc.  A wedding coordinator works only for you, understands every detail about your wedding and ensures that everything is setup and taken down exactly as you want them to be and ensures that any questions are handled for you so you can relax and just enjoy the day and your guests.

FAQ:  Do we have to use only the vendors you recommend, or can we use other vendors we’ve already selected?

PE:  We will work with every vendor no matter whether you have a favorite photographer, a friend who you want to be your officiant, or your favorite caterer.  We are there to serve you and your wishes.