Wedding & Party Event Experiences


“Our wedding expressed our personalities perfectly. The flowers, the music, the food – everything came together flawlessly!”

Linda and Paul Carlson


“I came to Perfect Events for help with our grand opening and the team really came through for me. I’m still getting compliments on it.”

Katherine Havercamp, CEO


“Perfect Events took care of all the details for our son’s 1st Birthday Party – no stress for me. The kids had so much fun and the design was outstanding.”

Soujanya & Shreyan

“”I was the the bride who thought hiring a wedding planner would be a waste of money. I plan large corporate events so I thought planning my own wedding would be a piece of cake. Enter a slightly kooky florist, a caterer that wouldn’t return my emails or phone calls for the life of me, a DJ who was nice enough but didn’t quite “hear” me when we talked, a very crazy difficult soon-to-be group of new in-laws with lots of requirements like, grandma can’t sit in front of “X” or next to “Y”…etc., and a constant barrage of emails, and a bride who felt very strongly that you don’t ask your guests to “help” at your wedding because you know how hard it is and you want them to have fun at your wedding.

So, enters Bonnie at Perfect Events. We hired Perfect Events about a month before the wedding for the “Day Of Wedding Coordination”, which is such a misleading name. Bonnie was in contact as soon as we booked Perfect Events. She scheduled an initial consultation where she grilled us with great questions, things we hadn’t even thought about yet, and created a Day Of Timeline for us. She reviewed vendor contracts, pulled together contact information for everyone involved in the wedding, confirmed vendor arrival times, set-up needs, requested any outstanding balance invoices, etc. She was in constant contract with us up through the wedding date.

I know, I know, most people are probably thinking, “I’m organized, I could handle all that.” And you could. You could also answer everyone’s questions on the day of your wedding, and be the contact person for the hotel when they want to know if they should open another bottle of wine, or carry your own emergency kit for when the florist did not put enough pins in for the corsages, and find out from the hotel where the handicap access door is when grandpa is ready to go home at 10 pm. You could do all that. But I can pretty much guarantee you’d prefer to be having a great time on the dance floor cuddling with your new husband or chatting with your guests.

I think Perfect Events really paid for itself when it came to laying down the law. The DJ, the venue, and the caterer were really good at telling me, “Well you could do it that way, but we’d suggest you do it our way,” or, “You don’t really want to have it there, it would look better over here.” All of which could be true, but we’re paying a lot of money for this wedding
and we want it here. Not there but right here. But they are the experts, so I just went with the flow. Bonnie was able to come in and say, “Hey, you’re dealing with a professional here. You’ll do it how the bride wants it done and she wouldn’t take no for an answer.” She said it in a such a sweet firm way because she’s such a nice person but a stickler for doing it “My Way” that no one even thought about questioning it when she said it. It was Amazing!

I spent my entire wedding day with my family and friends, having fun, catching up, dancing and never had to direct or coordinate a thing. Bonnie did that. I was a happy relaxed bride without a care in the world. Everyone that came to our wedding said it was flawless and the best wedding they’d been to. Our day went off without a hitch. I think Bonnie is a rockstar.

My only regret? That I did not book Perfect Events when we got engaged.”

I originally thought planning my wedding by myself would be a piece of cake

“She is reliable, professional, and absolutely amazing at what she does. The last thing that a nervous bride wants is a high strung
uptight wedding planner and that is not what you get with Bonnie. She made it a point to ensure that everything for our wedding ran smoothly. When something did go wrong during the planning process and on the day of the wedding I never even knew until afterwards because
Bonnie had it fixed without even causing me one bit of stress. Plus I was very very particular about so many things and she never once blinked an eye but just made sure that I got everything I wanted, when and where I wanted it. I would highly recommend Bonnie and Perfect Events for anyone who is looking for an awesome amazing wedding planner!”

I can’t even begin to say how much I enjoyed working with Bonnie from Perfect Events!

“Planning my son’s first birthday party was so stressful that I finally gave up and called Perfect Events. Bonnie answered my call and came right over to the venue I had rented and totally blew me away with her creative decorating ideas and fantastic vendors. She found me a face painter, a clown, and a balloon artist who created us the most amazing balloon arch surrounding the cake table. Nothing flustered her. She just put me at such ease.

She was so easy to work with and took my ideas and expanded on them. She did all the chair ties and chair covers which I’d have never been able to get done with a full time job and three other kids. My friends just loved the colors she picked out and my party was a huge success. I didn’t even have to worry about clean up as Bonnie handled that for me as well.

Perfect Events did such a great job for me that I recommended them to one of my friends who was planning a surprise baby shower for his wife. He really needed help and she came up with the cutest baby girl decorations and at such a reasonable price. Like tiny pink baby shoes that she tied to every chair – his wife was so surprised and loved everything she did. “

My son’s birthday party was amazing!

“I do not know even where to begin, that is how flawless and amazing Bonnie is with Perfect Events. She single handedly made my wedding day a glowing success and Jeff and I will never forget her. She took care of every detail, even ones we had not thought of, and even allowed us to use Perfect Events cake cutting set since we did not have one! She is so selfless and was always available when we needed her. Bonnie
was the perfect liaison between us and all our vendors and made sure that we never had to deal with one issue. She went above and beyond her wedding planner role in making sure that our wedding and reception were absolutely perfect and above and beyond her contract as well. I highly recommend Perfect Events and I know that you will be thrilled with their attention to detail, their years of experience which showed in how they executed every task, and their professionalism. I found Perfect Events to be 100% amazing!”

I could rave about how great Perfect Events is all day.