Unveiling Elegance: Wedding Design Trends in Des Moines

In the heart of Iowa, where tradition meets modernity, Des Moines has become a vibrant hub for couples seeking a picturesque backdrop for their wedding day. As the cityscape evolves, so do the wedding design trends, making it an exciting canvas for event planners and day-of wedding coordinator services. At Perfect Events, we believe in crafting weddings that are not only memorable but also a reflection of your unique love story. Join us on a journey through the latest wedding design trends in Des Moines Metro area and discover how our expertise as event planners can turn your dreams into reality.

The Essence of Wedding Design

Wedding design is the art of creating an enchanting atmosphere that captures the essence of your love story. In Des Moines, we’ve witnessed a shift towards more personalized and eclectic wedding designs. Couples are no longer confined to conventional themes; they are embracing a fusion of styles that reflect their personalities.

Blending Tradition with Modernity

Des Moines Metro area is steeped in tradition, and many couples are opting to blend the old with the new. This fusion is seen in wedding design through the incorporation of vintage elements into contemporary settings. At Perfect Events, we love infusing classic Des Moines charm into our weddings while adding a modern twist.

The Role of Event Planners in Des Moines Area

Event planners in Des Moines Metro Area play a pivotal role in bringing these wedding design trends to life. They serve as the bridge between your dreams and reality, ensuring that every detail is carefully curated to match your vision. As an event planner in Des Moines Metro Area, we take pride in understanding the unique cultural and aesthetic preferences of our clients, which allows us to create one-of-a-kind weddings.

Intimate Garden Retreats

One of the most notable trends in Des Moines wedding design is the rise of intimate garden retreats. Couples are opting for lush outdoor venues, transforming them into romantic wonderlands. Our day-of wedding coordinator services excel in orchestrating seamless garden weddings, where nature becomes the backdrop for your love story.

Boho Chic Celebrations

Des Moines has embraced the Boho chic trend with open arms. Bohemian-inspired weddings, characterized by earthy tones, dreamcatchers, and wildflower arrangements, have become increasingly popular. Our event planners at Perfect Events are well-versed in curating the perfect Boho chic atmosphere for your special day.

Timeless Elegance in Ballrooms

For couples seeking timeless elegance, Des Moines Metro Area offers a plethora of grand ballrooms and historic venues. These spaces provide a classic backdrop for weddings that exude sophistication. Our day-of wedding coordinator services ensure that every detail, from the lighting to the table settings, is meticulously executed to create a truly elegant affair.

The Sustainability Movement

Des Moines is not just about style; it’s also about substance. Sustainability has become a significant focus in wedding design. Couples are opting for eco-friendly decor, locally sourced flowers, and minimal waste. As responsible event planners, we are committed to incorporating sustainable practices into our weddings.


In Des Moines metro area, wedding design is more than just aesthetics; it’s a celebration of love, culture, and personal expression. At Perfect Events, our team of dedicated event planners and day-of wedding coordinators are here to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Whether you’re drawn to the charm of vintage Des Moines or the allure of modern trends, we have the expertise to create a wedding that reflects your unique style and personality.

As the city of Des Moines continues to evolve, so will its wedding design trends. We are here to stay at the forefront of these changes, ensuring that your wedding remains a timeless masterpiece in this ever-evolving cityscape. Contact us today to begin your journey toward an elegant, personalized, and unforgettable wedding experience in Des Moines.

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